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Is It Time To Replace My HVAC Unit?

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 05.05.20

air conditioning unitThe weather in New York and Connecticut can be unpredictable. Because of this, we often have to rely on our HVAC systems to keep us comfortable in extreme temperatures. Even with regular maintenance, your air conditioning system can wear overtime. How do you know when it's time to replace your HVAC unit?

It's Not Energy Efficient

A seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) is the standard energy-efficient rating system. A SEER rating is determined by taking the ratio of your air conditioners cooling output and dividing it by the energy it consumes in Watt-hours. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 updated the minimum energy rating for HVAC equipment to 13 SEER. New HVAC equipment has anywhere from a 14-25 SEER rating. If your system is older, it is likely running with a low SEER rating and should be replaced.

It Needs Regular Repairs

Regular maintenance checks are expected with any HVAC system. But if you feel like you are constantly calling your HVAC professional, it might be time to replace it. HVAC units requiring constant repair can be costly. Some repairs can even be dangerous when they involve electric issues.

You Are Not Comfortable at Home

Your air conditioner should be cooling all the rooms in your home at a consistent temperature. If it is producing cool air but not enough to keep you comfortable, you should consider replacing your system. It is possible that it is not the right size for your home or that something else is causing the issue. Talk to your HVAC professional to determine the best next step.

If you think it is time to replace your old HVAC unit, A. Borrelli Mechanical's licensed professionals can help you pick a system that is right for you and your home. Schedule your virtual consultation today to evaluate your air conditioning unit.

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