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May, 17 2022

Stay Cool Outside with a Mist System

Air Conditoning Summer Home Health and Maintenance

To stay cool outside this summer, consider installing a mist cooling system.  Read the Blog

March, 28 2022

Go Green With Air Conditioning

HVAC Air Conditoning Air Quality Home Health and Maintenance

It’s no surprise that air conditioners consume a lot of energy, but what if you want to reduce your carbon footprint & lower your energy bill?  Read the Blog

March, 21 2022

Why You Should Keep Shrubs and Obstructions Away from Your A/C Unit

Air Conditoning

Planting bushes, flowers, or shrubs too close to an A/C unit will block air flow to the evaporator coil, reducing the unit's ability to cool your house. Read the Blog

March, 18 2022

How to Clean Your Air Vents and Ducts

HVAC Air Conditoning Air Quality Home Health and Maintenance

While we recommend working with a service technician to properly clean your ducts and vents, here are a few cleaning tips you can follow this season. Read the Blog

March, 04 2022

Starting Your AC After Winter

Air Conditoning

Before you turn on your cooling system, a bit of maintenance is often needed to get it running properly. Read the Blog

August, 25 2021

Tips for Running Your A/C in the Fall

Air Conditoning

If you're not exactly ready to turn your air conditioner off for the season, here are some tips to ease your way into fall air conditioning use. Read the Blog