A. Borrelli Mechanical Water Filtration Services.

At A. Borrelli, we see our customers as our friends and neighbors. We want to ensure that your family is protected from exposure to hazardous chemicals through your water supply. Your safety is our priority. That’s why we take extra care on each job to work with integrity. We promise to get the job done right.

Install a Whole House Water Filter to protect your family from hazardous chemicals.

Whole house water filters enable your water supply to be filtered of any chemicals that come from your pipes. With a whole house water filter, your entire water supply is safe to consume and bathe in. Lead exposure through water is extremely dangerous for children. When young children are exposed to lead, they can develop severe mental and physical problems in the future. Lead poisoning doesn’t only come from drinking water but also from the water you bathe in, so a whole house water filter is essential to keeping your family safe.

After our whole house water filter is installed in your home, you’ll immediately see the difference in the water you drink and use everyday.

Why choose A. Borrelli Mechanical for your Whole House Water Filter needs?

A. Borrelli Mechanical has over 30 years of experience in Westchester. We strive to complete the job with limited intrusion to your home. We guarantee to leave your home in clean condition, and ensure nothing is out of place before leaving.

After over 30 years of serving customers in Westchester County and New York City we have come to realize that the small things matter the most.

Contact us today if you need our whole house water filter installation services. We’re also always happy to answer any quick questions you may have.