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4 Tips for Keeping Your Apartment Cool in Summer

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 04.30.19
cooling summer

On hot summer days, staying cool can be a challenge. Many of us fight the heat by turning up the air conditioning in our apartments, but this isn’t the most efficient or sustainable way to keep cool. Rather than spending more and more money running your air conditioning on hot days, use these tips to help you use your AC system more efficiently.

1. Replace Your Old AC Unit With a Ductless AC Unit

Old air-conditioning units can be inefficient. In particular, central forced-air systems that rely on ducts to spread cold air around your apartment are particularly vulnerable to energy losses of up to 30 percent. By replacing your old air conditioner with a new, ductless AC unit, you could reduce energy wastage in your home, ensuring that every penny you spend on air conditioning actually works to make your home cooler.

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2. Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to use your air conditioning more efficiently. Program the thermostat to turn off the air conditioning when you leave for work and turn it back on again shortly before you arrive home, so it can cool the apartment to a comfortable temperature in preparation for your arrival. A thermostat can keep the temperature in your apartment in a very precise range so you never feel too cold or too hot.

3. Check Your Filters Frequently

When the filters in an air conditioning system become blocked with dust, the system can’t work effectively. If your air conditioner is failing to cool your home to a comfortable temperature, you may need to clear out the filters. An HVAC professional can do this for you if you don’t know how to access the filters in your system.

4. Reduce the Use of Heat-Producing Appliances

Some home appliances, such as your range, dryer and dishwasher, give out a lot of heat. Using these appliances on hot days means that your air conditioner needs to work harder to fight against the heat they produce. Wait until the cool of the evening to use these appliances to help your home remain comfortable during the day.

If you are struggling to keep your home cool in summer, contact A. Borrelli Mechanical. Our expert AC-servicing team can clean, repair or replace your AC system to help your apartment stay cool.


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