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Why You Should Install a Whole House Water Filter This Summer

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 06.23.16
whole house water filter

How often do you find yourself filling up your water bottle when you're enjoying a fine summer day? The Atlantic found that most people averaged 2.5 cups per day to quench their thirst. You need to stay hydrated under the sun, but you could be getting unwelcome guests with unfiltered tap water. Before you drink water, consider the quality. Unfiltered water may contain everything from lead to E. coli bacteria. Luckily, whole house water filters give you the opportunity to address this issue directly rather than hoping your town switches to a better water source.


Whole House Water Filters Can Be Customized to Your Needs

Whole house water filters use specific purification systems to remove different contaminant categories. Water testing strips or your city's water quality report give you insight into the filter best suited for your needs. For example, charcoal filters get rid of pesticides and chlorine, while reverse osmosis performs excellently against bacteria. The whole house setup connects to your water pipe and removes toxins as the liquid moves to the sink.


Makes Your Water Taste Better

A full 75 percent of the population doesn't drink enough water, according to Drip Drop. You may stay away from your faucet due to the unwelcome flavors in the water, but your body suffers from this avoidance. Minerals and other inclusions affect the taste and may make it nearly impossible to drink. Filtering your water keeps dehydration at bay with delicious and refreshing water.


Strip Away Pipe-Borne Toxins and Destroy Pollutants

Toxins from old or damaged pipes, as well as other pollutants, pose serious health risks to you and your family. You drink a lot of water when you're active outside, introducing chemicals, metals and bacteria to your body. Don't take chances with your health. Strip away all the common pollutants contained in the pipes and keep everyone safe.

Many people take water for granted and fail to consider its overall quality. By the time you realize there's a problem, you're facing major issues. Add a whole house water filter to your home so you never have to worry about your drinking water again.

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