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Why is My House So Dusty? 5 Potential Reasons and Solutions

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 05.20.21

Close-up of dust on woman finger

Do you regularly cleaning your home, but still seem to find dust everywhere? Run your finger on the floor or any hard surface just minutes after cleaning and there it is again. You're not alone!

If you’re frustrated by how quickly dust collects on surfaces in your house, the best thing to do is find where the particles of matter are coming from. Below are a few common reasons that dust might be collecting on the surfaces in your home and how to get rid of it. 

1) Dirty Air Filters

HVAC air filters are your first lines of defense against dust. But if your filters are dirty, old, or cheaply made, they may not be doing a very good job at keeping dust at bay. Change out your filters regularly (every 6 months) with a quality filter and a high MERV value. 

2) Vacuum Frequently

Dust and allergens can settle in and bury themselves in carpets and rugs for years. Vacuum at least every other day, and consider switching to a higher quality model with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter that is designed to trap as much as 99% of dust and debris. To limit the amount of dust that piles up on carpets and rugs, take off your shoes when you're inside the house. 

Additionally, to maintain your carpets appearance and remove dirt, carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every 6 – 12 months. Our sister company, Duraclean, uses a patented foam absorption process that eliminates over-wetting and damage to fibers and fabrics. Click here to learn more.

3) Clean Your Drapes and Upholstery

Many people forget that fabrics on drapes and furniture can accumulate dust and release it back into the room. Vacuum all upholstered furniture and draperies once a week and wash your draperies regularly. 

4) Get Your Pets Professionally Groomed

Cats and dogs shed both fur and skin flakes continually and this pet dander can combine with existing dust particles. Brush your pets regularly, and get them professionally groomed. You should also vacuum daily to help with dust and other particles. 

Pro-tip: consider investing in robot vacuums such as Roomba that can be conveniently scheduled to run and clean the home. 

5) Maintain Healthy Humidity Levels

Dust, dust mites, and mold thrive off of moisture. Keep indoor humidity levels around 30% to 50% with the help of your HVAC system, and dehumidifiers. This can also help with allergies.


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