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What is a Zoned Heating System?

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 10.13.20

zoned heating system

Choosing a new furnace for your home is a big decision. And new technology has made it easier to heat your home. But how do you know what heating system will work best for you and your family?

What Is A Zoned Heating System?

A zoned heating system uses one central furnace that heats all of the air going into your home. So what's the difference between this and traditional central heating?

In a traditional heating system, if your heat is on, every room in your home is receiving air at the same temperature. With a zoned system, you can choose which rooms or floors are receiving the warm air. You can do this by separating your home into different zones.

How Does A Zoned Heating System Work?

When your heat is on, you can control which rooms receive warm air by opening or closing mechanical dampers. This is done by establishing each "zone" of your home. Each zone in your home is controlled by its own thermostat. This allows your thermostat to only warm zones that need to be.

Mitsubishi Kumo Phone APPFor instance, let's say your living room tends to be warmer than your kitchen. In a zoned system, your furnace would give warm air to your living room only if it needed it. Similarly, your kitchen would receive warm air until it reaches your selected thermostat temperature in that zone. This allows for more even temperature control throughout your home.

Is A Zoned System Right For Your Home?

When your home is larger with multiple levels, it can be harder to control the temperature throughout. Anyone with a mid to large-sized home can benefit from a zoned heating system by regulating the temperature in all rooms, or on all floors. Zoned heating is also more efficient because it only heats rooms that need it rather than every room.

How To Choose The Right Heating System For You

Although zoned heating systems can have a greater install price, their efficiency and ability to provide comfort to your home makes up for the cost.

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