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Tips to Maintain Your Gas Furnace

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 02.19.19

Technician Looking Over A Gas FurnaceFollow these tips to keep your finance in good condition, save money on repairs and increase your systems efficiency.

Clean/ Replace Your Filter System

The filter system prevents dirt from entering your furnace. Depending on your use, it is recommended that you clean or replace the filter regularly to avoid dust, dirt and debris. If the filter is completely clogged, consider replacing it with a new one.

Clean the vents

Gas furnaces are connected to venting systems, which can get blocked due to dust and debris. Blocked vents can be hazardous to users. Remove the vent cover and clean the inside using the vacuum cleaner.

Check Thermostat

If you feel uncomfortable despite setting your thermostat, you might be experiencing problems with your thermostat. Check to make sure that its in good condition or replace with a new one.

Inspect the Fan

Hire a professional to inspect the fan components of your gas furnace. An inspection can reveal dust and debris, as well other components on the fan.

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