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Save Money with Insulated Ducts

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 09.30.22

Save Money with Insulated Ducts

Duct systems throughout your home are used to circulate air from your HVAC unit. To ensure that the air temperature is maintained, it is important to keep the ducts well insulated. If your ducts are not insulated correctly, you may face energy loss with leaks, temperature drops and condensation build up. 

Energy Loss

If your ducts are not properly insulated, it is difficult to maintain regulated airflow temperatures. This may result in cold air blowing through your home when you have the thermostat set to heating. Additionally, insulation is important to prevent condensation on the ducts when cold air is met with warmer external temperatures. 

A few risks of duct condensation is damage, mold and increased inefficiencies. Ensuring that your ducts are correctly insulated will not only protect your home, but can also save you between 25-35% on your utility bills. 

Insulating your Ducts

The first thing you must do to prepare your ducts for insulation is contact a professional HVAC technician to inspect and repair any duct leaks. Leaks are the leading cause for energy inefficiency since they reduce air velocity which negatively affects temperature control. 

Once your ducts have been inspected and repaired, the contractor will install the ductwork insulation. It’s important to hire a professional for their knowledge of the best insulation material and installation procedures required. Ductwork insulation should have an average R-rating of 6 and a max of 9 in certain conditions. 

Contact A. Borrelli today to learn more about duct maintenance and insulation solutions and begin saving money on your utility bills. 

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