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Prepare Your HVAC & Home for Spring and Summer Vacation

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 05.10.21

Summer Vacation and Beach

Summer is a time for family fun and vacations. With so many of us getting vaccinated and moving into a post-covid world, you may be wondering how to prepare your home for a spring or summer vacation. 

Here are 5 tips to help you save money and stress by making sure your HVAC is efficient while you’re away.

1) Conduct a maintenance check

The last thing you want to stress over while you're away is a broken HVAC system. There could be underlying problems with your unit that only an HVAC professional would see. Schedule a quick check-up before you leave to spot any problems that might occur while you’re gone.

2) Increase the temperature

There's no reason your air conditioner should be running the same way while you're away as it does when you're home. A safe level to set your AC system while you’re away on vacation is around 80 degrees or a little higher. This will ensure you save money on utility bills and your AC doesn't work overtime when it doesn't need to. 

3) Clean or change out your filters

When your air filter is obstructed, airflow is reduced, causing your HVAC unit to work even harder than usual. This can increase your energy bills and potentially shorten the life of your unit. A clean filter will ensure that your system is not overworking while you're out of town. 

4) Leave your vents and registers open

Closed HVAC vents and registers can negatively impact the overall airflow and create temperature imbalances. Open all of the vents and registers throughout your home to keep your HVAC system running at an even temperature and keep energy usage at a minimum.

5) Install a whole-house surge protector

Surge protector is helpful and should be used year-round. But it's especially important when you're taking a vacation and will be away for a long time. Surge protectors help prevent power surges and protect your HVAC system and appliances against electrical hazards and potential damages. 

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