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How to Take Care of Your Generator Before the Bad Weather Comes

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 01.09.17

winter-weather-generator.jpegDuring blizzards and damaging storms, a home generator in good functioning order is a valuable tool to have. However, there's more to your generator than the original investment or purchase. You also need to have your generator serviced twice a year by a Generac-factory authorized company so it's ready to handle bad weather conditions and any blackouts that may ensue.

The Consequences of Putting Off Generator Service

Do you find yourself waiting for too long to get your generator serviced? The temperatures have been freezing. If you fail to perform this task, your generator may not work when the time comes. Start using a maintenance log book and set aside time to take care of your generator before the forecast gets dangerous.

What to Look for During Preventative Generator Service

Examine the physical condition of your generator. If you see damage, rust, broken wires or other problems, call a company that's an authorized Generac Service dealer to perform the repairs necessary to get the equipment back in working order. You can fix minor problems yourself, but you don't want to take the chance of damaging your machine if you aren't sure about the repairing process.
Keep the exterior of the generator, the spark plugs and the area surrounding it clean of dirt and debris. Tighten any bolts that come loose after you use this machine.
When is the last time you replaced the battery on the unit? The typical lifespan of a generator battery is approximately three years. If you can't remember when you put a fresh battery into your equipment, swap it out.
Check on all fluids in your generator. The battery has distilled water and the rest of the unit depends on oil. Read through the manual to determine the best type of oil to keep things running smoothly. You also need to handle any leftover fuel from the last time you serviced the generator. Bleed the fuel out of the machine in between uses and keep fuel on hand in the appropriate containers.
If your generator stops working or you want a professional to come in for your biannual service, contact A. Borrelli Mechanical. You don't want to end up without a power source when the blizzards roll in for the season.
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