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How To Quickly Declutter Your Home

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 02.16.23

How To Quickly Declutter Your Home

Decluttering often sounds more daunting than it actually is. With a few simple strategies, you can make each room in your home less cluttered and more inviting. By fully utilizing available areas, whether that is wall space in your kitchen or under your bed, you can get the most of your square footage while keeping your home neat. Here are some tips for decluttering your home:


The kitchen can be a hotspot for clutter with pots and pans, utensils, and appliances crowding your counter space. It’s easy to lose track of what is a necessity, where items go, and what can be tossed. Here are a few tips to keep your kitchen neat:

  • Get rid of or store any superfluous utensils or appliances that you don't use regularly.

  • Organize your pantry and fridge and toss expired or unused items to gain back storage space.

  • Use drawer dividers or organizers to keep utensils and cutlery organized and easily accessible.

  • Store pots and pans on a hanging rack to free up cabinet space.

  • Keep your countertops clear of clutter, such as mail or decorations, except for a few necessary appliances.


The bathroom is another room that can quickly become cluttered, with toiletries, cleaning supplies, and towels taking up space. Here are some ways you can declutter your bathroom:

  • Get rid of any expired or unused products, including shower and skincare items.

  • Store toiletries in clear containers or drawer organizers to keep them easily accessible and visible.

  • Use a hanging organizer or hooks to store towels and robes.

  • Install a medicine cabinet to keep daily supplies organized while out of sight.

  • Store unused towels outside of the bathroom in a linen closet to keep them fresh and out of the way. 


The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation, but clutter can make it difficult to unwind. Here are some tips to declutter your bedroom:

  • Store out-of-season clothing in clear plastic bins under the bed or in a closet.

  • Use drawer dividers to organize your socks, clothes, and accessories.

  • Install a closet organizer to maximize space and keep clothes and shoes easily accessible.

  • Keep surfaces clear of items such as clothing or books, including nightstands and dressers.

Living Room

The living room has the potential to quickly accumulate a lot of clutter, especially if it is your go-to space to relax after work or on the weekends. Here are a few ways you can keep your living room neat and tidy:

  • Get rid of any old magazines or newspapers that you no longer read.

  • Store remote controls, DVDs, and other entertainment items in a cabinet or tv console.

  • Use a coffee table with built-in storage to keep blankets, books, and games organized.

  • Install shelves or a bookcase to keep books and other decorative items organized and on display.

  • Use decorative baskets to store pillows and throws.

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