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How to Pick the Right Commerical HVAC Rooftop Unit for your Business

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 07.11.17


Your commercial building's climate plays a large role in your business success. Workers can't concentrate on the tasks at hand if it's too hot or cold, and customers may take off to a competitor's if they're uncomfortable. A quality Lennox rooftop unit helps you eliminate this possibility. 


Reliability is the most important feature to look for in a rooftop unit. Your equipment should work consistently, so you don't have to play guessing games with your building's climate. Lennox is well-known for quality HVAC units that deliver on their promises. Even if something goes wrong, you're protected by a comprehensive warranty that's customer-focused. 


Are you taking money away from your business budget to cover your energy expenses? High-efficiency rooftop units by Lennox reduce your overhead and help you free up resources that could be better used elsewhere. You also improve your environmental friendliness and air quality. Lennox was the first HVAC manufacturer recognized as ENERGY STAR Manufacturer of the Year. 


Routine maintenance is essential to maximize the effective life of a rooftop unit. Some companies make it difficult to service your equipment, whether you handle it yourself or hire professionals to accomplish this task. Lennox designs its units so they're easy to service. The company also keeps a full catalog of parts in stock so repairs and replacements are speedy. 
Lennox handles the installation process in a similar fashion. The rooftop units take less time to deploy than similar equipment from other vendors, which minimizes the disruption to your business and keeps labor costs low. 

Working With a Lennox Partner

Your HVAC system can make or break your business, so it's important to cooperate with a qualified installation team that knows the products inside and out. A. Borrelli Mechanical partners with Lennox and has all of their products available for sale and installation as well as other manufacturers such as Mitsubishi, Carrier, York, Aaon and Trane. 
Climate control and air quality issues may be the one thing standing between your business and meeting your goals. Choosing a reliable supplier that's known for producing models designed for mission-critical commercial locations makes a big difference in your bottom line. 
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