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How to Maintain a Stable Temperature Throughout Your Home

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 06.30.15

Lady with FanAs the hot summer months are approaching, it's important to understand how to maintain a stable temperature throughout your home. When you have central air conditioning, you may begin to find that some rooms are really cold while others are too hot. Temperature instability causes a strain on your cooling system, and can lead to high energy costs. There are a number of things you can do in your home to maximize the system's efficiency.

Keep Interior Doors Open to Maximize Airflow

When you close interior doors in your home, you will create an unstable air temperature in your home. Rooms that are farther away from temperature sensors will get warmer, while rooms that are near temperature sensors will get cold. Open doors allow air to flow freely through your home, creating a more even temperature.

Use Ceiling Fans

If you have ceiling fans in your home and you are worried about maintaining a stable temperature, turn the fans on low. In addition to keeping interior doors open, using ceiling fans will help circulate the air even more. 

Close Window Shades During the Heat of the Day

In the middle of the day when it gets really hot, close the window shades to keep out the hot sun. While this move alone isn't going to stabilize the temperature, it will help you avoid temperature extremes. Keeping out the heat during the hottest parts of the day will help your cooling system because it won't have to work so hard. 

Keep Furniture Away from Vents, Windows and Doorways

While it isn't always possible to keep every piece of furniture away from air vents, windows and doorways, it's important to keep this concept in mind as you consider where you put furniture. Furniture that is blocking air vents will obstruct airflow, causing hot and cold spots to form in your home. If you can, arrange your furniture to allow for maximum airflow from room to room.

When you learn how to keep the air flowing through your home, your air conditioning system will run more efficiently. It will also help to make sure that you change out air filters at least two times a cooling season, and remove debris from around your cooling unit. If you haven't had your system serviced, it's time to have a yearly maintenance done. The best way to maintain an even temperature in your home is to have a system that runs well, keep air flowing, and reduce system use when the air cools down outside.

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