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How to Deal with Flies This Summer

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 06.09.22

Get Rid of Outdoor Flies This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with a relaxing afternoon on the patio or an evening barbecue with the family. However, with the warm weather comes pesky flies along with other nuisances.

Flies are not only a minor annoyance; they may carry harmful bacteria which can lead to health problems or cause skin irritation. Fortunately, you can deal with summertime pests with homemade or store bought traps. There are organic pest control traps which can be made through common household items, or disposable sticky traps and electric zappers typically found at your local hardware store. Depending on your preference, homemade and store-bought traps have their benefits respectively. 

Store Bought Traps

If opting for a store bought trap, make sure you are purchasing a trap meant for outdoor use. Outdoor traps may contain chemicals which are harmful if used indoors while indoor traps may not be as effective when used outside. 

The common traps you can find at a hardware store include:

  • Sticky traps – these traps are thin strips of material coated with a sticky substance that you hang from various locations outdoors. They attract flies which then get stuck on their surface. They may also trap mosquitoes, gnats, and moths as well. It is worth noting that while these traps are effective against pests, they may get accidentally stuck to you if placed in a location that you walk by frequently. 

  • Electric zappers – for a more robust system effective against both flies and mosquitos, an electronic zapper is the route to take. While they cost more, they do not need to be replaced like sticky traps do. However, these types of traps do need to be cleaned frequently and are not effective when it comes to killing eggs or larvae.

DIY Traps

If you want to try tackling your fly problem on your own, you can make a homemade trap instead:

  1. Fill a jar with about a quarter of liquid that will attract flies such as wine, sugar water, juice, or apple cider vinegar. 

  2. Form a cone out of a sheet of paper and insert the narrow end into the jar. 

  3. Flies will be able to enter the jar through the paper cone, but have difficulty escaping. 

Alternatively, you can use vinegar mixed with a drop of dish soap to lure and trap flies. Either option is easy and safe to make on your own, though you will need to regularly keep up with maintaining the traps. 

Other Methods to Remove Flies

Alongside traps, it’s always handy to have a fly swatter nearby. You can also use an insecticide however, it may be toxic to humans and animals so exercise caution if using. A few other ways to manage flies are:

  • Fans – place fans in strategic location to prevent them from flying

  • Citronella candles – these candles are known to deter pests with their scent

  • Plants and herbs  – some pests are deterred by plants including lavender, mint, and bay leaves. 


Get Rid of Summer Flies

Enjoy the summer without pests through a combination of traps and deterrents to experience the best of the season. To further eliminate potential pests, remove any standing moisture or water puddles and keep your lawn mown. If you find that flies and other pests continue to be an issue, it may be time to call a professional. 

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