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How to Combat Fall Allergies

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 10.21.22

How to Combat Fall Allergies

While most people associate allergies with the spring, the other peak season for itchy eyes, nose, and throat is in the fall. If you find that you are susceptible to allergies this time of year, you may be allergic to Ragweed pollen which is prevalent throughout the east coast. However, your allergies may also be due to mold spores in your home or allergen build up in your HVAC system from the springtime. Here are a few ways to combat fall allergies and identify its cause.

Avoid Allergen Exposure

One easy way to avoid seasonal allergies is by avoiding exposure to outdoor pollen. Keep your windows closed when possible and be sure that your HVAC system is operating on new filters to catch any particles that may enter your home. 

Wash Up After Being Outdoors

After being outdoors, remember to wash your hands and take off any outer clothing layers to avoid transferring pollen to other surfaces in your home. Washing your hands is especially important to avoid transferring pollen to your face.

Rake Up Fallen Leaves

Keeping your yard tidy by raking fallen leaves reduces the chance of mold and airborne spores. If you are sensitive to mold spores and are experiencing allergies, check on your yard to make sure there are no locations where mold can thrive. 

Inspect Your Ventilation System

Dust, pollen, moisture, and other allergens can collect in your cooling and heating ducts. Maintaining your ductwork so it’s clear of debris and properly insulated will allow you to breathe in cleaner air.

Invest in Air Purifiers 

UV air purifiers, in particular, can be installed in your HVAC ducts to "clean" air that moves through. They use short-wave ultraviolet light (UV-C light) to fully eradicate airborne pathogens and microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

During a maintenance check, HVAC technicians can thoroughly inspect your unit and clean critical components, reducing allergen buildup. 

Indoor air quality testing is essential to your health and the health of other occupants of your space. Contact A. Borrelli today to schedule seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system.

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