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How Do I Clean My Dryer Vents?

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 05.12.20

vacumming dryer vent

Lint from your clothing can build up and clog your dryer vents. Clogged dryer vents should be regularly cleaned in order to prevent becoming a fire hazard. If you can reach your dryer vents, here's how you can clean them.

Empty Your Dryer's Lint Screen

dryerventYour lint screen is the filter that prevents larger lint particles from entering your vents and causing clogs. You should clear your lint screen after every use so that your dryer ventilation works properly. Before working your way to your vents, clear out any remaining lint from your lint screen.

Unplug Your Dryer

Before you begin cleaning your dryer vents, you must unplug our dryer from its power source. This is the most important step. It is extremely dangerous to start cleaning your vent when your dryer is still plugged in.

Move Your Dryer Away From the Wall

This step might be performed in order to unplug your dryer from its power source. Either way, you must move your dryer to access its vent. Dryers ventilation systems are attached to through the back of their system. Keep in mind that many dryers are heavy, so if you are unable to lift it don't. If your dryer is too heavy for you to move or is hard to manuever, call in an HVAC professional to help clean your dryer vents.

Remove the Ventilation Tube

Your dryers ventilation system is a large tube attached to a hole in the wall where the air filters outside. In order to access the vent, you must detach this tube from the wall. When you unscrew your ventilation tube, keep your screws in a safe place as you will need these to re-attach later.

Vacuum or Dust Your Vent

Your dryers vent is inside of your wall, so can be hard to access. Use your vacuum's long attachment or a dust brush to reach the inside of the vent to clean out all the excess lint. You can also use the same tools to clean out the tube that connects dryer to the vent.

Reassemble Everything

Reverse the steps that you just performed to put your dryer back into place. First, reattach the dryer hose to the vent on the wall using your screws. Then push the dryer back into place. 

Need Assistance Cleaning Your Dryer Vents?

Cleaning your dryer's vents is essential maintenance for safety purposes, but also ensures your dryer is working at its optimal function. If you are unable to access your dryer or it is too heavy for you to move on your own, call a professional to help. A. Borrelli Mechanical's certified HVAC professionals can help with all of your regular maintenance needs and repairs.

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