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Have You Ever Considered UV Lights to Improve Air Quality in Your Home?

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 02.09.17

uv-light-improves-air-quality.jpgInstalling UV lights in your HVAC system is one key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in winter. Indoor air quality can significantly affect your health. If the indoor air in your residence or home business is clean, you can expect to breathe more easily. This means you will be able to exercise better and be less prone to colds. If the air inside your home is contaminated or lacks enough oxygen, you can expect to breathe poorly, be overwhelmed by pet dander and dust. You'll also be more likely to get sick.

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UV lights can work by eliminating some of the many sources of pollution that affect indoor air. Specifically, UV lights can reduce odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and control mold and bacteria. If you need to have an HVAC replacement or cleaning, your HVAC technician or air duct cleaner may ask if you’d like UV lights installed inside your HVAC. Consider saying yes after you read more

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Why Do UV Lights Work?

UV lights kill mold, germs, spores and bacteria in an HVAC’s duct system. UV lights provide the following benefits:

  • Control mold and bacteria.
  • Reduce the chances to catch a cold or flu, as the germs are not recirculated by the HVAC system.
  • Reduce smells.
  • Remove VOCs. UV lights in HVACs are more effective in humid climates like moist New York summers than in dry climates.
  • Reduce clogging in condensate drain lines, as UV lights prevent algae growth.
  • Maintain a cleaner coil, which improves the HVAC’s ability to cool the home. Better maintenance lowers electricity costs.

When Are UV Lights Especially Useful?

UV lights are particularly helpful if you are remodeling, share a home with pets, family members with allergies, or people who enjoy crafting with glues or adhesives. Installing UV lights quickly reduce air contamination, especially in tightly sealed, weatherized residences.

Installing UV lights in an HVAC is just one component of improving your overall indoor air quality. You should also follow other basic HVAC rules, such as regularly maintaining the HVAC system. This will involve changing UV light bulbs as needed, changing filters monthly, and cleaning the coil annually.

If you have a central air system and are interested in improving your indoor air quality, our experienced technicians at A. Borelli Mechanical will be happy to explain how UV lights can benefit you. Contact us today! 


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