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Green and Pet-Friendly: Indoor Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 07.10.23


Bringing the beauty of nature indoors with houseplants is a popular trend, but as a pet owner, it's important to consider the safety of your furry friends. While some plants can be toxic to cats and dogs if ingested, there are numerous pet-friendly options available that can coexist with your beloved companions. 

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum):

Spider plants are renowned for their air-purifying qualities and cascading foliage, making them a fantastic choice for pet owners. These plants are non-toxic to cats and dogs and can withstand a wide range of light conditions, making them suitable for various areas of your home.

Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata):

Known for its graceful fronds and lush greenery, the Boston Fern is a safe option for households with pets. It acts as a natural humidifier and thrives in indirect light, making it ideal for bathrooms or areas with higher moisture levels.

Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens):

The Areca Palm adds a touch of tropical beauty to any indoor space while being non-toxic to pets. It tolerates bright, indirect light and can help improve air quality by removing toxins like formaldehyde and xylene.

Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum):

Also known as Devil's Ivy, the Money Plant is a hardy and low-maintenance choice. It features heart-shaped leaves and can be displayed in hanging baskets or trained to climb. This plant is safe for pets and can thrive in various light conditions.

Calathea (Calathea spp.):

Calatheas are a family of vibrant, patterned foliage plants that can add a touch of color to your home. Varieties such as Calathea orbifolia and Calathea medallion are safe for pets and thrive in low to medium light conditions, making them suitable for interiors with less direct sunlight.

Friendship Plant (Pilea involucrata):

With its delicate leaves and trailing growth habit, the Friendship Plant is both visually appealing and pet-friendly. It prefers bright, indirect light and regular watering, making it a charming addition to shelves, tabletops, or hanging baskets.

Polka Dot Plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya):

The Polka Dot Plant boasts eye-catching foliage with splashes of color, ranging from pink and red to white and green. This non-toxic plant thrives in bright, indirect light and benefits from regular misting to maintain humidity levels.

Enhancing your living spaces with indoor plants doesn't mean compromising your pets' safety. By choosing pet-friendly options you can create a vibrant and pet-safe environment that brings the benefits of nature indoors while keeping your furry friends healthy and happy.

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