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Everything You Need to Know About Germicidal UV Lights

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 11.17.20

UV light air purifier

UV lights exist in newer homes that have new HVAC systems. But what do UV lights do inside an HVAC system and how can they help keep your home healthy?

What is a Germicidal UV Light?

When you think of UV light, you might be thinking of the damage it can do to our unprotected skin. But when a UV light is used in our HVAC systems, it is helpful to our bodies instead of harmful. The strong light kills off mold, pollen, bacteria and viruses that can be found in the air. A UV light is installed in your HVAC return vents, supply vents, or ductwork. It works together with your air filter to catch and destroy the smaller microorganisms that can't be caught in your filter.

What are the Benefits of UV Lights for home filtration?

Because UV lights can rid your air of smaller particles that a filter isn't able to catch on its own, it promotes healthier and cleaner air. Besides further reducing allergens in the air you breathe everyday, a germicidal UV light is beneficial because

  • It continues to operate, even when your HVAC system is turned off, ensuring your air is toxin free all the time.
  • Increases your HVAC's overall efficiency and life expectancy--Cleaner air means less workload for your HVAC system.
  • Can be used on a smaller scale in an air purifier.
  • Significantly reduces indoor-air pollution that can cause respiratory problems.


Should I consider a UV Light System for my HVAC?

If you have an older home that doesn't have a UV light installed already, you might be wondering if it's worth installing one. If you or someone you live with has severe asthma or allergies, a UV light can promote cleaner air and help ease the symptoms. UV lights are also very helpful for well-insulated homes. This is because the air can become stagnant, creating mold and dust particles without the proper filtration system. Try a smaller air purifier that has UV lights to see what difference it can make in your health.

What's the upkeep of a UV System?

UV bulbs should be replaced every few years. How long it lasts depends on factors like the type of system you have and the bulb you use. Because UV lights work year-round to clean your air, they lose power overtime. Although UV bulbs can be expensive, you save money when your HVAC runs more efficiently because of them.

Ask A. Borrelli Mechanical to help you choose the best UV system for your home and HVAC needs. With nearly 40 years of experience, A. Borrelli Mechanical can help you breathe clean at home all year long.

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