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Don’t Store These 8 Things in Your Garage

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 01.23.23

Don’t Store These Things in Your Garage

Your garage serves as an invaluable space for your parked car, workshop, storage and more. However, as versatile as the garage is, there are a few things that you are better off keeping in your house. Here are a few things you should not keep in your garage. 

1. Pet Food

While storing pet food in your garage may seem like a great idea, especially if you buy in bulk, it’s a better idea to keep it inside. Having any type of food in your garage increases the risk for pests, such as mice, that will inevitably continue their search for food into your home. If you must store pet food in your garage, make sure that it is kept in a rigid, sealable container to avoid any unwanted guests entering your home. 

2. Oily Rags

Oily rags certainly do not belong in the house, but may not be a good idea to keep in your garage either. Never keep oil soaked rags in your garage as they have the potential to spontaneously ignite in the right conditions and pose a massive danger. Instead, let them dry outside before storing them in a metal lid-tight container mixed with a solution of water and detergent or dispose of them in designated oil waste containers. 

3. Fire Wood

Storing firewood in your garage may seem convenient, but poses the risk of pests to your home. Dry wood is an excellent habitat for small insects and other pests that you do not want in your garage, let alone your house. If possible, store firewood on a wood rack at a distance from your house and collect wood when needed. 

4. Paint

Keeping leftover paint in your garage seems like a great solution for future needs, but unless your garage is temperature controlled, there is a likely chance that paint will freeze or separate with the temperature fluctuations. It’s always best to read the manufacturer's recommendations on storage. 

5. Wine

If you enjoy collecting and tasting wine, avoid keeping your spare bottles in your garage at all costs. Wine is a sensitive compound that can react to temperature fluctuations and change its flavor. It’s best to keep your wine in your kitchen. 

6. Propane Tanks

Propane tanks are usually very safe, but may spring a leak over time. If you have old propane tanks in your garage, it’s possible that a spark from your car may ignite a leak and cause a fire. It’s best to keep your propane tanks outside and away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. 

7. Paper Material

Storing any type of paper material in your garage is a bad idea. From important documents to photographs, the fluctuating temperatures and humidity inside your garage is bound to damage paper over time. Any material that is made of paper and of value to you should be kept inside, away from light, heat, and humidity when possible. 

8. Fabric

Old clothes, sleeping bags, and rugs shouldn’t be stored in your garage for numerous reasons. If fabric materials are exposed to moisture or gotten wet, it is likely that mold and mildew will grow. Also, fabrics make great nesting materials for rodents which can lead to an infestation. It’s best to store any fabric materials that you want to keep in your home. 

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