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Back to School Heating and Cooling

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 07.31.20
Back to school can be one of the most hectic times of year for any family. The days are beginning to get shorter, schedules are changing, new after-school activities are starting up, and everyone has to adjust to a different lifestyle. If you have kids who play sports, there's equipment and practices and exciting new challenges to your laundry and carpet cleaning to bear in mind. If your kids are active in music or other extracurricular activities, that provides challenges of its own.

With all this on our minds, it can be easy to forget simple things that can help with heating and cooling around the house, which can not only save a bundle on the family budget—probably already stretched thin from extra gas and back to school shopping—but can also help ensure that home is a comfortable and safe oasis among all the chaos.

One of the main things to keep in mind as back to school madness kicks in, is that fall is a time when the weather is constantly changing, and it can be extremely beneficial to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Programmable thermostats are a great help in this matter. They can not only save around $150 or more annually, they also take some worry off your shoulders. Once programmed, the thermostat can prevent you and your family from having to remember to make adjustments to keep the house comfortable. When you get home from work or school, or when you get ready to head to bed, the house will already be set to its optimal temperature.

Speaking of heading to bed, keeping a comfortable temperature in the house can also help ensure a good night's sleep. Being too hot or too cold leads to sleep that isn't restful, and that leads to tired adults and tired kids, who may be more difficult to get along with, and may perform more poorly at work or school.

For those parents whose kids are heading off to college this season, there are a few tips that can help them keep their heating and cooling costs down, and make the most of their new living arrangements. Since most college students live in fairly small spaces, heating and cooling them can be a very different order of business than doing the same for a whole house. Still, there are tips that will help, including making certain that all vents, ducts, and air registers are free from furniture and other obstructions, to allow for optimal air circulation. It can also help to inspect heaters and air conditioners, especially in older buildings, to make sure that they're safe and that they're working up to their full potential. Finally, a simple window unit air conditioner can often be a cost-effective way to cool a dorm room or a single-room apartment.

No matter what your back to school heating and cooling needs, the professionals at A. Borrelli are here to help take the stress and worry of heating and cooling off your shoulders, and make sure that you can focus on the more important things.

With licensed, trained, and insured technicians in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties, as well as the New York City Metro Area, homeowners in the southeastern part of New York State can count on A. Borrelli HVAC to handle their heating, cooling, and plumbing needs expediently. At A. Borrelli in New York, we do HVAC and plumbing right, so call us at (914) 495-3030 today!

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