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Are Flushable Wipes Safe to Flush?

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 07.23.19

Flushable WipesShort answer: No

In recent years, pre-moistened “flushable” wipes have been all the rage, and flushable wipes have become a $1 billion industry worldwide. While tend to do a better job with the cleanup than regular toilet paper, it's becoming clear that they're not so “septic-safe” and “flushable” as they’re advertised to be.

Turns out, even thought those flushable wet wipes are technically flushable, they don't disintegrate the same way toilet paper does. While they do eventually break down, they take a longer amount of time to do so compared to toilet paper. The fabric in wipes holds together much longer than toilet paper. While in your pipes, they can mix with other paper bits and grease and collect flushed debris. This can cause more frequent clogged pipes and blockages, leaving you at risk for plumbing disasters.

They can also get out into your main sewer line where they not only damage your home but also potentially the entire sanitation system. Just last month, a mountain of “flushable” wipes that clogged South Carolina sewers was so thick, it took a team of divers three trips to remove it.

What to Do?

Just because the packaging says flushable doesn't mean they are safe to flush. There is clear evidence that flushing of these wipes can increase the risk of clogged sewer lines. And while they may seem more cleaner than toilet paper, you should opt out of using them for the sake of your plumbing system.

Are you is experiencing more frequent clogs? There might be an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Contact our team of licensed plumbers.

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