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7 Costly Plumbing Myths

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 09.01.20

plumbing myths

We all have those old home remedies that fight stains and cure colds. But how true are those tricks when it comes to modern plumbing? Here are some plumbing myths that can actually be costing you money and hurting your plumbing system.

1. Your Drain is Working if Everything Goes Down

Blockages don't happen overnight. Although your sink or shower drain might seem like it's working fine, there can be buildup hiding inside of your pipes. Make sure you are using drain covers and regularly cleaning your pipes to avoid any serious problems before it is too late.

2. Lemons Clean Your Sink Drain

They might make your drain smell nice for a day or two, but lemons do not rid your pipes of whatever is causing it to smell. The citric acid can actually start to corrode your pipes if you do this too much. It is OK to throw the occasional lemon rind down your garbage disposal, but don't depend on them to clean your sink.

3. In-Tank Toilet Bowl Tablets are Safe

Although your toilet bowl might look cleaner (or bluer) from a toilet bowl tablet, it isn't. Toilet cleaners that go inside of your tank just mask and cover the buildup instead of getting rid of it. Instead, you can put vinegar into your overflow tube. This is just as simple and will actually remove the buildup from your toilet.

4. Your Water Heater is Going to Explode

You know the regular rumbling and grumbling your hear from your water heater at night? That isn't a reason to panic. Your water heater gets lots of use and, over the years, it has to fight its way through the sediment at the bottom of your tank. These noisy air bubbles aren't anything to worry about unless your unit is 10 years or older. Then it might be time to consider a new water heater installation.

5. Flushable Wipes are Safe

Even the "toilet-safe" wipes are something to use caution with--especially when you use a lot of them. Unlike traditional toilet paper, flushable wipes are not biodegradable. So if you don't want them to cause blockage in your sewage system, stick to toilet paper.

6. A Leaky Faucet is No Big Deal

False. A small leak can start causing problems leading to even bigger and more expensive fixes. It can effect your water pressure and can also raise your water bill a lot more than you think. Fix the leak before it becomes an issue.

7. You Don't Need a Plumber

Plumbing systems are more complex than a lot of people think. Although unclogging the toilet can be a do it yourself job, only a licensed plumber can get to the bottom of that pesky drain clog that keeps coming back. Call A. Borrelli Mechanical for all of your plumbing questions, cleanings, and emergencies.

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