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5 Ways to Prevent Dust in Your Home

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 09.02.22

5 Ways to Prevent Dust in Your Home

Do you regularly find a layer of dust forming around your home? While it is impossible to completely eliminate dust, there are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of dust build up. Along with common allergens, dust mites are found in household dust and contribute to allergies in approximately 30% of people. Improve your indoor air quality with 5 ways to prevent dust in your home:

1. Use Doormats and Remove Shoes

Use doormats and remove your shoes at the entrances of your home. Doing so will drastically reduce the amount of dust that is trailed into your home. If any dust does make its way inside, it will be contained at the entrances for easy cleaning. 

2. Keep Doors and Windows Closed

When possible keep your doors and windows shut, especially during the pollen season. Window screens are not enough to keep small particles out, so keeping them closed is the best method for keeping dust out. 

3. Dust Stationary Objects 

When cleaning or vacuuming, make sure to inspect any stationary objects for dust. Typically, dust builds up on shelves, books, picture frames, and anything else that isn't often moved. Be sure to dust around furniture as well, dusting in order from high to low spaces. 

4. Vacuum Carpet and Rugs

If you have any carpet or rugs in your home, make sure to clean them every week. Both carpet and rugs trap dust and may even contribute to the issue if they are made with natural fibers that shed. Using a vacuum with a carpeting attachment is a great way to pick up dust and loose fibers that would otherwise make its way throughout your home. 

5. Replace Air Filters

HVAC air filters are your first lines of defense against dust. But if your filters are dirty, old, or cheaply made, they may not be doing a very good job at keeping dust at bay. Change out your filters regularly (every 6 months) with a quality filter and a high MERV value. 

Call in a Professional

If you're tired of constantly cleaning settled dust in your home, A. Borrelli can help you get to the bottom of it. A routine maintenance check can ensure you don't have leaky air ducts. We can also help you find an air purifying system or dehumidifier that it right for your home.

Topics: Air Quality, Home Health and Maintenance

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