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4 Steps to Organize Your Home

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 08.12.22

4 Steps to Organize Your Home

It’s not always easy to keep your home organized. However, with a little bit of planning and motivation, you can make a system that works for you and keeps your home tidy. Here are a few tips for organizing your home:

1. Realistic Goals

The first step to creating an organized home is to set realistic expectations. Whether it comes to your plan or organization method, it's important to think about what is manageable while maintaining a comfortable living space. No one wants to be organizing 24/7. In other words, keep both your plan and your organization method simple. 

2. Declutter

The first step to organizing your home is to declutter. While it might sound obvious, take a moment and think about what is essential and important to your home and you. We all have that one drawer in the kitchen that accumulates letters, trinkets, batteries, and tools, but the question is: do you need to hang on to it? 

Spend a few days moving through the different areas in your home and determine what is worth keeping, tossing, or donating. As you sort through your home, think about organizing things into their categories of use or location. Some items might find their place packed away if not used frequently while others that are more essential will be stored in easily accessible areas. 

3. Use a Calendar 

Placing time on your calendar for days when you can spend time organizing your home is a great way to get more tidy. It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day responsibilities and activities, but if you block that time out for yourself to clean and organize, it’s more likely to get done.

4. Use a Drop Area

Drop areas are a cheat sheet for organization. Everyone needs a space for items that will be organized at a later point such as mail, magazines, and other miscellaneous items. Using a drop area helps collect items that may otherwise become scattered throughout your home. Drop areas can be a basket or bin, or a shelf on your way into your home where items can be placed. 

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