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4 Essential Tips to be Prepared for a Power Outage

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 02.09.16


As storms sweep across the nation, there is a risk of a power outage occurring in your local area. Although most power outages are short-lived, it still makes sense to take some basic preparation steps so that you aren’t left fumbling around in the dark when the lights go out. Follow these four tips to prepare for a power outage.

1. Create an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Government sources recommend creating an emergency preparedness kit, which contains basic supplies such as a flashlight, first aid supplies, batteries and cash. Check this kit regularly to ensure it is fully stocked and make sure everyone knows where you keep it!

2. Charge Your Electronic Devices

When you hear reports of a storm approaching, take the opportunity to charge your phone and other battery-powered devices. Turn down the brightness on your phone screen to conserve the battery for as long as possible.

3. Fill the Tank of Your Car

During a power outage, you may not be able to fill up your car, as gas stations use electricity to power their pumps. Keep your car’s gas tank full when bad weather is approaching. If you choose to store gasoline on your property, be very careful to store it in sealed containers, well away from heat sources that could cause it to ignite.

4. Buy and Maintain a Generator

If you run a business that would be badly affected by a power outage, a generator could give you peace of mind. A. Borrelli Mechanical supplies business standby generators and home backup generators to provide you with a reliable electricity supply during a power outage. It’s also vital to maintain your generator to ensure that it will work effectively when you need it. Have your generator serviced regularly so that you can rely on it to keep your freezers, computer equipment or home appliances running during a power outage.

Don’t wait until the lights go out to think about how you can cope without power. Keep battery-powered essentials close at hand. If power outages are a big problem for you, consider purchasing a generator to keep the lights on even during the worst conditions.

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