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3 Ways to Prepare Your Plumbing For Spring

Written by A. Borrelli Mechanical on 03.10.20

Sewer drainage

Many people believe that plumbing issues occur during Winter. It's true that problems such as frozen pipes can cause damage to your home's plumbing system, but what about when they thaw out? As temperatures rise, homeowners should take steps in preparing their home's plumbing for the Spring.

1. Inspect Your Pipes

Colder temperatures cause the pipes and walls that encase your home's interior systems to shrink. Although this is normal and doesn't regularly result in a catastrophic pipe explosion, it could lead to trouble in the Spring. A small crack in your pipes in the winter can start a major leak as soon as they expand in the warmer months.

Check for any obvious leaks in your drainage pipes to avoid a much larger cleanup. You can do this by looking for mold or water stains surrounding your pipes that may indicate you have a small leak.

2. Outdoor Spring Cleaning

Picking up sticks and raking leftover leaves from Fall might be a way to make your lawn more presentable, but spring cleaning actually supports your plumbing too. Cleaning out your gutters can prevent clogs that can lead to water damage and leaks. 

3. Check Your Sump Pump

The job of a sump pump is to make sure that your basement and crawlspaces stay dry.  Chances are your sump pump will be working extra hard with snowmelt and spring showers. Make sure your sump pump is working properly by first visually inspecting it. Look for any obvious signs of damage to the drain and tank. Then, test it by pouring water into the pit and making sure it drains properly.

Contact us today if you have any signs of serious damage or leaking in your plumbing.

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