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November, 01 2021

Ways to Save Energy on Thanksgiving

Winter Energy Savings

With guests coming in and out of the house, increased appliance usage due to cooking and holiday lights and decor, Thanksgiving can cause your home's energy consumption to skyrocket. Read the Blog

June, 28 2021

Summertime Lawn Maintenance Tips

Home Health and Maintenance Energy Savings

Keeping your lawn healthy and lush in the summertime takes work. See how you can properly care for your lawn this summer. Read the Blog

June, 18 2021

The Importance of Clean Water

Plumbing Energy Savings

While tap water in the United States is generally safe for consumption, but it can have unusual color and taste due to contaminants like chlorine & sulfur. Read the Blog

May, 03 2021

Reduce Energy Consumption with Air Conditioning Use

Air Conditoning Energy Savings

While air conditioning will increase your energy use, that doesn't mean your summer electric bills need to get out of your control. Read the Blog

June, 09 2020

Why Is A SEER Rating Important In Westchester County?

Air Conditoning Energy Savings

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the ratio of the cooling output of your AC divided by energy use. Read the Blog

June, 09 2020

Facts About Your Ceiling Fan

Air Conditoning Summer Energy Savings

June means turning on your AC. Should you continue running your ceiling fan when the AC is on? Here's what you should know about your ceiling fan. Read the Blog