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July, 07 2020

Common Sense Plumbing: Fact or Fiction

Plumbing Services

Here are four common plumbing beliefs that are not necessarily true. Find out which beliefs are fictional. Read the Blog

July, 07 2020

The Importance of Trimming Grass, Weeds, and Shrubbery Around Your Heat Pump

HVAC Service HVAC company in Putnam

if you need a pre-winter heat pump tune-up, feel free to call an HVAC company in Putnam such as A. Borrelli. We're always glad to help you stay comfortable. Read the Blog

July, 07 2020

What To Do if the Air Conditioning Goes Out

Air Conditioning Service HVAC services

An air conditioner that quits will likely make the home an unpleasant place. During a heat advisory, when the heat index is at least 105°F, an A/C unit failure can be downright dangerous. Read the Blog

June, 30 2020

5 Generator Safety Tips To Follow This Summer

Generator Safety

Before you have to pull out your back-up generator, it is wise to know that you are using it properly. Follow these portable generator safety tips. Read the Blog

June, 23 2020

5 Tips To Lower Your Home's Humidity

Air Conditoning Air Quality Dehumidifier

Too much humidity in your home can be extremely dangerous. How can you keep your home's humidity level below the recommended sixty percent? Read the Blog

June, 09 2020

Why Is A SEER Rating Important In Westchester And Fairfield County?

Air Conditoning Energy Efficient

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is the ratio of the cooling output of your AC divided by energy use. Read the Blog