Aprilaire offers many ventilation options and A.Borrelli Mechanical can provide and install them all! Today's homes are sealed tight to ensure that warm air won't escape. But this also means that the same air is constantly being circulated. Stale air is uncomfortable and unhealthy. It's a breeding ground for mold, mildew, smoke and formaldehyde.

That's where a ventilation unit comes in handy. Aprilaire's ventilators are designed to balance air pressure by transferring extremely hot or cold air through the system to outside.

You can enjoy the feeling of fresh air right inside your own home. A. Borrelli can install Aprilaire ventilators in your home to make your air as comfortable as possible.


About Aprilaire Ventilation Units:

- Balance air pressure and save energy

- Meet New Home construction ventilation requirements

- Can choose to ventilate based on events (i.e. cooking, entertaining, cooking, etc.)

- Manually adjust the length of time your ventilation system runs  

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