Aprilaire's dehumidifiers are the optimal solution for whole-home humidity control. Humidity control is one of the key factors that provides the most comfort in your home. Too much humidity in your air can cause basements to be smelly, musty and damp. Excess humidity can also damage furniture, furnishings and cause wood to swell or rot. 

A.Borrelli Mechanical can provide and install an Aprilaire dehumidifier and tackle the toughest humidity in your home. 


About Aprilaire Dehumidifier Units:

- Extremely durable and quiet

- Includes innovative features such as air filtration, built-in ventilation and control options

- Light weight and compact

- MERV 8 washable filter

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  • aprilaire model 1830 dehumidifier
  • aprilaire model 1770 dehumidifier
  • aprilaire model 1850f dehumidifier